zaterdag 3 december 2011

chanel perfection lumière

Chanel Perfection Lumière long-wear flawless fluid makeup SPF10

 I know, I know- these are an awful lot of pictures, but I felt like I needed to show it to you in all of its full glory. A few weeks ago, I wanted to buy the Chanel Pro Lumière foudnation because I've heard some really good reviews about it, so you can all imagine how disappointed I was when it seemed to be all discontinued. However, I wouldn't let my head hang down, so I decided I to buy the Mat Lumière foundation. I really liked it- it kept my skin from getting oily and breaking out, but it wasn't the right colour for me, it was too yellowish. So when I heard Chanel would bring out the Perfection Lumière foundations, which is supposed to be like the new Pro Lumière, I couldn't wait to try it, so when my Mat Lumière (waw, that's an awful lot of 'Lumières' in one post, haha!) ran out, I happily ran to the Chanel counter to buy myself a brand new flacon of the Perfection Lumière.

Because my skin is, like, very very pale, I asked the lady for some advise, and this time she gave me the right colour - nr. 12 Beige Rosé instead of nr.20 Beige, which is more pink instead of yellow, and the colour is so much better for me! You can't see any foundation lines anymore, which I'm glad of because I think they are sooooo disgusting!

So as you can imagine, I couldn't wait to try it, so I did! The other day, to be exactly, because I don't want to waste any product haha as Chanel is quite expensive haha, greedy me :) So when I did some of the product on my hand, the first thing that struck me was the smell of it. It's perfumed, which I think is not a bad thing 'cause the Mat Lumière didn't smell that good. It smells like Chanel Daycrème, which I absolutely love because it smells really fresh and it's just the smell for me, I guess! So I applied it all over my face, happy because the scent is that good, and it really gave me a good coverage. Not great- it's lighter than the Mat Lumière, which gives slighter more coverage-, but it did the trick for me. I have to say, it makes my skin look a lot more oilier, even when I put my MAC Studio Careblend powder over it, but overall it lasted for a good whole day at school and the oiliness wasn't that bad! I think Mat Lumière is better for my slightly oilier skin and Perfection Lumière is better for the dryer skin.

So what are you all up to this weekend? Got any plans? I've got absolutely nothing to do today, except for revising for my exams, since my parents wouldn't let me spend the weekend with my boyfriend as the absolute twats they are, but tomorrow we will be together for one year so we're planning to do something special and go to the sauna! Afterwards we really want to do something romantic, so any suggestions?

I really hope y'all are having a good and awesome weekend! Sorry for the tad long post - I tend to over-analyse things way too easily, haha ;)

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  1. Nice review, I haven't tried either of these before but I have slightly oily skin so I think Mat Lumière would be best for me. Thanks for sharing :) x

  2. Thank you for commenting! Yeah, I actually liked the Mat Lumière one better because it really does stay matte all day :) xoxo

  3. Yes, so it is! The smell of it is just amazing!