zaterdag 23 februari 2013

Clarins Bronzing Duo

I’m not really a girl who likes to wear bronzer. In fact, the only bronzer I owned was the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, which I picked up on a whim and never wear anymore because it looks really orange on my skintone and just looks plain awful- I thought the lightest shade would suit me better, since I’ve got really fair skin, but nope. Lesson learned. Since that little fiasco, I always hesitated to buy another bronzer, mainly because I just didn’t knew what suits me best. Since then, I’ve always sticked to my trusty blushers, because I needed something to make my complexion look healthier and give more dept and definition to my face. I guess you could say I had a little bronzer phobia, until I discovered this little gem. Yes, it’s love.

Having heard great things about the Clarins Bronzing Duo, I swatched it in store. I really wasn’t planning on anything, but as is the case with most of us (right?), that didn’t turn out so well.
The Bronzing Duo comes in three different shades and I swatched all of them. The first one, as I already expected, looked really orange on my skintone, as did the second one. The third one however- it was love at first sight. On my hand, it looked like the perfect contour shade, so I purchased it immediately and boy, am I glad I did!
The Bronzing Duo consists out of two different bronzing colours, a lighter one and a dark one which complement each other perfectly. You can use both colours separately,  or mix them together to create a really nice, glowy shade. The bronzer isn’t completely matte; if you look really closely, you can see tiny glitter particles, but they don’t really show up on your skin. This results in a matte, but glowy look which looks great and really gives a healthy flush to your face, which is something I always tend to look for in face powders. Even though I picked it up in the darkest shade, 03, it looks really flattering on my very pale skin tone. Be careful though- this stuff is dark and really pigmented, so you only need the tiniest amount!

So, the verdict; I don’t think this bronzer is leaving my everyday make up bag very soon. I’ve been using it every single day since I got it, and plan on doing that until it runs out or I find an even better one. NARS Laguna, I’m looking at you…

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