dinsdag 26 februari 2013

The Bag

I love bags, but I don’t really own many of them. Mainly because I’m afraid they’ll break on the road, which happened a few times before- one of them broke and fell on the ground whilst my brand new MacBook was in there! I do really think that bags are a nice accessory and can lift your look from grungy to chic and sophisticated.
I found this bag in my mom’s room. She has had it for a little while now, but never really used it, so I decided to steal it and start using it myself. I absolutely love the pattern, the colours and the shape of it. It’s really sturdy and you can fit a lot in it, because it has got three very big compartments (although I am a little bit afraid that my beloved MacBook won’t fit in- maybe that’s for the better though!). My mom got it on holiday in Tunisia, and actually, it’s a –fake- Gucci bag. I’m really, really, really, really not one for fake designer bags, because I’d rather save my pennies for the real deal and I just think they look a little bit tacky. I wear this bag because I like the way it looks, not because it has got ‘Gucci’ written all over it, so I flipped the little metal thingy that’s attached to the front on the bag so you can’t see what it says!
I really like how this bag looks on a plain black outfit. It just makes everything look really put together and I think it’s safe to say that I’m a little bit in love with it. I’m eyeing up the Zara Office Citybag bag next, because that does fit my laptop in and I still need a really good black bag.

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