zaterdag 25 mei 2013

The Bright Eyes Duo

I think we have all got up after a short nights sleep, looked into the mirror and thought ‘what the heck’. Dark circles, puffy eyes and that feeling you can’t even keep your peepers open; we’ve all been there. After being sick and tired- pun intended- of my eyes looking like I had no sleep at all, I started to look more into eyecreams and serums, and I have found a combination that transforms my eyes from puffy and shleepy to bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Now these are both Clinique products, and I have to say I’m really loving Clinique at the moment. Let’s start with the product I use first: the All About Eyes Serum. I use this top rep my eyes for any eye product I use. The All About Eyes Serum has a nice metal rollerball, which feels so refreshing on your eyes and the cold metal really wakes you up, which makes it a pleasure to use in the mornings. This is a really lightweight serum, which sinks into the skin rather quickly. It says it’s a de-puffing eye massage which instantly cools and massages away puffiness. I use the rollerball to gently massage the product into my skin, and then pat the excess with my ring finger so it absorbs even quicker. I roll it from my inner eye corner to the outer corner, and it just feels so refreshing and my sore eyes do instantly feel better. If you suffer from really dry eyes, this on its own won’t be enough and I think you do need an extra eye cream, but I do just use it on its own at night. This is a really non-bullshit product; it does what it says, doesn’t have a fragrance and doesn’t feel sticky at all, which I hate so much about really rich eye creams. If you couldn’t already tell, I just love love love this, and if I really can’t keep my eyes open I store this in the fridge for a few minutes, which makes it even more effective.

Next up, I use the Clinique Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector. It says that it ‘creates a brighter, more even-toned look for eyes’. This is basically like a tinted moisturiser for your eyes; it has both skincare benefits and a nice peachy tint, which won’t really hide your dark circles but creates a perfect canvas for concealer application and just corrects the dark shadows under your eyes. I have used this every morning since October, and it stall has got a decent amount left in it so it’s absolutely worth the money! This does also have a really nice metal applicator which makes it an absolute joy to apply. Be careful though- it’s really easy to apply too much of the product, and you only need a tiny bit! I then pat this in with –again- my ringfinger, and even though I don’t really suffer from dark circles (thank god!), it makes my eyes appear so much brighter and awake.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your bright eyes essentials?

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