donderdag 23 mei 2013

The Everyday Face

...and a debut of my fringe on the blog. Please be nice.
I don’t know about you, but I can get quite lazy with my makeup somedays. I’m really meticulous with my skincare and nailcare routines, but when it comes to makeup I just can’t be bothered to use a lot of products and spend a lot of time on it- bad beauty blogger alert, I know. Over the years, I have created an everyday makeup look that is easy and quick to achieve and looks very, very natural. Only five or six products are used, and not a single eyeshadow in sight…

My base is, as I have said numerous times before, the most important thing in my routine. I spend so much time buffing and patting on my base, just because I feel that when I’ve got my base down, I don’t need much else makeup. I prefer using BB creams, tinted moisturisers or really lightweight foundations, mainly because I hate how medium to heavy coverage foundations feel on my skin (except for Revlon Colourstay) and I just like the thought of them doing something good form y skin, even though it’s probably just marketing. I really like mixing my bases, and the main foundation I like for mixing is YSL’s Le Teint Touche Eclat. This is such a light and glowy foundation, which doesn’t have much lasting power on me on its own, but mixed with another base it can create such a flawless and polished look. Today, I mixed it with my favourite BB cream ever (oh yes, I’ve said it); the Erborian BB Cream. This does everything it says on the tube and so much more, and I absolutely adore how my skin looks after applying this, so you can only imagine what these two do together- glowy, perfected skin goodness. This is some real makeup magic right here.
Then for brows, a quick brush and fill in with the Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in 020- Date With Ash-ton does the trick. This tames my brows and fills in my light eyebrows perfectly; it’s not too dark, not too light and creates the illusion of  thick and natural eyebrows.
I used Sephora’s blush in Romantic Rose on my cheek bones with my trusty MAC 187 brush to dust in on lightly and define my cheeks a little bit more. I do absolutely adore this. It’s the perfect pinky colour for me, and it just looks really nice on my skintone.
On my eyelashes, I apply two to three layers of the Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume mascara, to make my eyes stand out a little bit more. Since I don’t wear eyeshadow on a daily basis (and am extremely bad with applying it), I tend to go a little bit OTT with the mascara. I just like long, big, intense black and fluttering eyelashes, and this mascara gives me all of that. (sorry for the grubby looking tube btw!).
There’s only really one product I tend to wear on my lips at the moment, and it are the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. I own two shades, 01 and 02, which are respectively a rosey and a peachy colour. I almost used up 01 after buying it almost a year ago, and I recently got 02, the perfect peachy colour. These are just the perfect lipglosses: non-sticky, with the perfect amount of colour and great to apply when you’re on the go, since you don’t need a mirror for it. I can’t sing its praises enough.

So these are my go-to everyday products. I absolutely adore every single one of these, and I really do think that they fit my very specific makeup needs. What are your everyday makeup products? Any recommendations?

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  1. I love the fringe on you! Such a prett haircut. And yay, you're from Belgium, just like me! :D Great post!

    X Valérie

    1. Thank you so much! I'm still not quite sure on it but yeah :) Haha Belgium's the best! xx

  2. Love the post and all the photos! You've got an amazing blog, and your style is the best :)


    -- I want to live in L. A --

  3. You look beautiful! Love your bangs!