maandag 24 juni 2013

Dear Michael...

Our love affair started quite a while ago. My mom got me one of your beautiful rose gold watches for my highschool graduation last year, and I couldn't be happier. Fast forward six months and she got me one of your gorgeous purses for Christmas, which I'm so thankful for and is just perfect. And just when I thought your designs couldn't be more perfect, I stumbled across your Selma bag. I was casually browsing your website since I often do and it was love at first sight. The perfect size, perfect design and  the perfect big sister for my purse. I started to save up my money and told myself I would buy it in a couple of months time. But then it happened.
I went shopping around the end of April when I walked by a store which sells your stuff. Purses, clothes, jewelry, watches and... bags. I spotted your Selma bag right away and knew that it was a sign. I had to buy it. I had to. So I did. And I couldn't be happier with it.
It has been two months since, and I haven't worn another bag ever since I got it. It fits all my stuff but is still small enough not to be tempted to carry too much. The quality is just amazing and it just can't get scratched, which is amazing. You can definitely feel and even see that it's of great quality, which I love. To me, bags are an investment, and I'm so happy to finally own my own little designer bag. I'm sure I will carry this with me forever, and it will always have a special place in my heart as my first designer bag. I love the idea of having one or two (or even more) really good quality bags which will last you a lifetime. Thanks for creating this perfect bag, Michael. I will love your forever.

Charlotte, self-confessed beauty  addict who has a silly blog  and likes to waste her time proclaiming her love for miscellaneous things

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  1. Gorgeous bag! I'm jealous :)xo

  2. I've been lusting for the rose gold watches for the longest time! Michael Kors has a collection - everything is so chic and simple and amazing! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate | bloglovin'

  3. That.Bag.Is.INCREDIBLE!!!!

    Love your blog, followed ♥

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  4. oh wow what gorgeous treats, a very lucky girl :) Such pretty things.
    You have such a lovely blog xx