dinsdag 25 juni 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour

I have had my eye on the Maybelline Colour Tattoos for absolute ages before actually buying one of them around Christmas time last year and I have loved them so much I thought I should do a review on one of my most-used eyeshadow products.

The Maybelline Colour Tattoos are described as a ‘gel-crem eyeshadow’. After picking up my first shade ‘On and on Bronze’, I decided to pick up another one called ‘Permanent Taupe’. I absolutely love the consistency of these eyeshadows and these were actually the first cream eyeshadows I actually tried, and I’m in love with them.
‘On and on Bronze’ is a gorgeous warm-toned brown with shimmer. What I love about this colour is that the shimmer is really subtle so it doesn’t make your eyes look like a discoball. I think this is one of those neutral colours that suits everyone. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
‘Permanent Taupe’ is, as the name already suggested, a cool-toned taupe. This doesn’t have any shimmer in it and has quite a matte finish on the eye, which I really really like.
The formula is great and really easy to work with. I usually use my ring finger to take a little bit of the product and then dab it on my eyelid, blending it in with said finger. The eyeshadows are both really, really pigmented when first swatched, but leave quite a sheer wash of colour on the eyelid when first dabbed in. The great thing about these is that you can actually build the colour up quite a bit. If I want them a little bit more blended into the crease, I’ll use a fluffy blending brush, but I often don’t find that necessary. They last all day, too, even when I’m not using an eyelid primer and i have quite oily eyelids.
I use these just on their own as an eyeshadow, as a base under other eyeshadows to make those last even longer or with an angled brush as a gel eyeliner. I found that when you use these as an eyeshadow base, the colour of the eyeshadow you’re applying next gets so much more intense and beautiful.

If I had to pick my favourite, I think it would definitely be ‘On and on Bronze’. My favourite way to wear it is with a shimmery champagne colour on top of it- just gorgeous! I love ‘Permanent Taupe’ too, but I find it a little bit harder to pull off because I don’t really suit cool toned eyeshadows, but it’s gorgeous too. Do you like these? What other shades of these do you recommend?

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