vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

Sunglasses and SPF

As soon as the sun kicks in, my obsession with protecting my face from the harmful rays does too. I’m that girl who frantically carries a tube of SPF with her everywhere she goes and make sure she reapplies every two hours- at least. Now on ‘normal’, not-sunny days, I don’t usually wear an SPF because I’m inside most of the time anyway and I don’t want to smear SPF all over my full face of makeup- ew. But as soon as it gets seriously sunny outside and I’m planning on spending my day out, out comes the SPF- and the sunglasses…

My favourite SPF ever (dare I say that?!) is the Dior Bronze SPF 50 Beautifying Protective Suncare, a facial SPF I bought for my holiday last year and have repurchased for when I’m going to Mallorca for 12 days this Wednesday. It has lasted me through the entire holiday, even though I applied it every two hours every single day, and I still have lots left. It smells AMAZING and really summery, but that might be a problem for sensitive skinned gals because it’s scented a lot. It’s quite thick but really easy to apply and blend into the skin. It doesn’t leave a white residue and it really, really protects your skin against the sun; on the last day of my previous holiday I decided to not reapply it in the afternoon in an attempt to tan my face a little bit, and I got burned. A lot. I absolutely love this product and I couldn’t recommend it enough; it hasn’t broken me out and even though it’s quite heavy, it’s really moisturizing so your face doesn’t get dried out by the sun.
Another SPF is the Shiseido Expert Sun Aging Protection Cream SPF 50+. This one’s waterproof and has an anti-aging complex, penetrating the skin cells to reassure optimal sun protection. Now I haven’t used this as much as the Dior one so I can’t really say much about this yet until after my holiday, but the scent of this is very subtle and it sinks into my skin really easily, which is nice as it doesn’t make me look like a greaseball- which the Dior sometimes does. This does, however, leave a really white ‘veil’ over my skin, and even though the sales person told me Shiseido had changed the formula of this so it wouldn’t look as white on the skin, I still feel like it does.

Now another summer obsession of mine are sunglasses. I can’t live without them and wear them all year round, since my eyes are really sensitive and can get red and watery very easily. I’m never seen without sunglasses in the summer; I even wear them in the pool. Last year’s sunglasses were a pair from H&M that broke a couple of days after the holidays. I don’t particularly like H&M sunglasses as I find the designs to be a little bit dodgy but they’re cheap as chips so you can’t really complain. Yesterday, I came across these three beauties in a local drugstore, and yes, I bought them all. Three pairs of sunglasses. But they were only €9 each, so who am I to complain?
One round pair and two cat-eye pairs, one black and white and one brown. I couldn’t really decide so I went for all three. They all have an UV-filter and feel like they’re quite good quality, which is always good! Round and cateye sunglasses are my absolute favourite since they’re quite unique and can be a very nice accessory to your summer outfit. But even though I’m in love with all three of these, I can’t wait until I can call a pair of Ray Ban Erika’s mine… A girl can dream, right?

What are your favourite SPF’s? Are you also sunglasses obsessed?

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  1. Oooh I love the sunglasses at the bottom of the photo! So pretty. Any glasses with a cat eye are a win in my book! :)