dinsdag 22 april 2014

Easter Day!

Now that the Easter weekend is well and truly over, I thought I'd share some pictures I took on Sunday.  My family has always celebrated Easter and when we were younger, we used to get some presents- it always felt like a second Christmas to me and my little brother, but in Spring! My mum always makes sure to make it a special day, so this Easter was no different.
We invited some family members and my mum made the hugest, most delicious brunch ever- complete with champagne and all! There was so much to choose from; bacon, pastries, chocolate, yoghurt, lots of little sandwiches, eggs, cheese, cake, donuts (check out the cool little donut man!) and even more! It's safe to say I ate until my little heart was content, and didn't get hungry until the evening. Everyone ate lots and we talked until the afternoon. My little cousins got some toys, including this beautiful pink My Little Pony, which I wish was mine! My little brother and me also got a few tiny presents and lots of chocolate. I got Divergent, which I was so excited about- I read 125 pages in about two hours. Call me crazy. I also got this delicious, huge Easter egg. We also did a little Easter egg hunt for my cousins, before the brunch and it was so much fun.
When everyone was gone, I decided to take a walk with my dog because the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was beaming and everything seemed so much greener and brighter. I love nature, I really do. When I got home, I decided to go sit in the garden for a bit with a glass of green tea and a huge bowl of fruit to read Divergent.
We also went out for dinner that night (I forgot to photograph that oops, bad blogger!) and I had the best chicken salad I ever had.

I had an amazing Easter. This post might seem a little bit overenthousiastic haha, but I really love those little holidays where you get to spend time with your family. It really makes me appreciate life that bit more. What have you been up to this Easter?

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