vrijdag 1 juni 2012

june, the start of summer

Images are all courtesy of Weheartit, tumblr and my own instagram!

Just a quick little post to keep you all updated.... That is, to the little few that read my blog, haha. I just can't quite believe that it's the beginning of June already! This year is going by sooooo extreme fast that it makes me a little bit scared, haha! June marks for me, of course, the start of summer, which means lots of swimming to be done, pastel blue and minty green nails (Essie Mint Candy Apple, I'm looking at you!), eating ice cream whilst revising, exams time, lots of jummy food (pasta and fruit, or a fresh, juicy salad) and lots of more summery things! I'm in love with summer :) I love all seasons, but idk. Summer just makes me feel like I'm getting reborn, it makes me feel fresh and happy and it makes everything so beautiful!
For those of you who have tumblr, follow me! Or you can follow me on twitter :) I'm still waiting for my invitation to Pinterest, I can't wait to get started and be inspired!!

What are your plans for summer? Are you going on a holiday or are you just going to spend the day chilling at your own house?


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