woensdag 23 mei 2012

weekly wishlist #4

001. I think we all know the American Apparel Disco Pants by now. I first didn't really get the hype and thought they were just an oversized pair of really thick leggings, but after seeing them on a few bloggers I got more and more interested. They look great with almost everything and can be dressed up or dressed down. The only downside is that I've heard that they get ladders and holes in them very quick, any experiences? Would be a shame because they're soooo expensive!!

002. Essie has quickly become one of my favourite nail polish brands. Since I've discovered the Essie diffusion line also got to Belgian drugstores, I haven't left one without buying a new Essie nailpolish (which has been only two times haha, I don't go shopping that much!) I think I'm going to buy more of them the next time that I'm in Germany though, they're so much more inexpensive there! This one is Tart Deco, a lovely coral/peachy shade, perfect for spring and summer!!

003. I've been falling in love with silver. I always were more of a gold girl, but I do tend to think more and more that gold is a little bit tacky, especially on me, haha. I really like this Asos bracelet (I couldn't find it anywhere on their site, soz guys! It's also available in gold however :)) , it's edgy and cool. Effortlessly chic.

004. Another silver bracelet, this time it's a cuff from H&M! Didn't see it when I was there last Thursday and Friday, le sigh, they only seemed to have golden ones!

005. Since seeing Lily's Inglot palette I really want one myself. Not especially these colours but more neutral colours like her palette. I really like Inglot, my mom got herself a nice nude lipstick when we went there! It's a shame the nearest Inglot store is in Düsseldorf, Germany, but I'm definitely going to buy more of their stuff the next time we're there! I got a little bit too excited when I discovered the shop, haha. The freedom system is also amaaaaazing!!

006. I do actually already have these studded loafers from Zara haha, and they're the most incomfortable shoes I own. I wore them when I went shopping last Friday afternoon and my feet were actually bleeding. I could barely walk to and from the bustop haha! Must have been a very funny sighting ;) My boyfriend actually laughed at me, haha. They're also available in black, but I didn't see them in store! I also got the grey Zara messenger bag which everyone seems to have at the moment too haha!

007. I also didn't seem to find this gorgeous minty coloured top at H&M last Friday, which is a real shame since it's so lovely and the details seem really lovely too! (Again, couldn't find it on their website, soz guys!!) I love mint green at the moment :)

So what do you think of this week's wishlist? Do you want some things from it or do you want to get your little paws on some other gorgeous items?


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Im the same with the disco pants, ive tried them on in AA and there so nice and comfy! but just so expenicve really cant decided weather to buy them or not!

    please follow http://lostfaaith.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. I have a pair of the AA disco pants and haven't had any issues with holes or ladders if that helps and i've hand mine ages now =]

    Lovely wish list!

    Tanesha x