donderdag 3 mei 2012

Avène Lotion Micellaire

When I went to the local pharmacy to get my hands on what seems to be thé blogger hype of the moment, the Caudalie Beauty Elixer (which they didn't seem to stock- boo!), I came across this gem of a cleanser. With the Bioderma Créaline cleanser being the first cleanser I've known using a micellar solution, I was curious about what it would do and what kind of a difference it would make to my make up removal routine. Since this Avène cleanser is much more accesible for me to lay my hands on than the Bioderma one, I decided to give this a go.

I'm sure most of you may already know what a Micellar cleanser is, but for those of you who don't, I'm going to give you a short summary: it's simply an alcohol and soap free cleanser, which holds a cluster of oil molecules suspended in soft water, which are hydrophobic and oil-loving. In shorter terms, it's basically just a very gentle cleanser which grabs and absorbs every single bit of make up and doesn't make the skin feel unbalanced, like foam or milky cleansers would do. Personally, the formula reminds me a little bit of an oil cleanser, but lots and loooots more greasy. Micellar Water cleansers are suitable for all skintypes.

The Avène Lotion Micellaire cleanser is hypoallergenic- like almost all Micellar cleansers- and thus the perfect mate for a really sensitive skin. My first impressions? I absolutely adore it! Even though it says 'Lotion' on the bottle, it doesn't really feel as a lotion. It feels like water, but than just a little bit of a thicker fluid- I'm so good with describing things! It removes every single trace of make up. I use it every night, soaking two cotton wool pads in it and then gently rubbing my face. I then give my face a nice, refreshing splash of cold water to be sure all of the product is gone, and then use my regular toner, serum and evening moisturiser.

All in all it's a very good cleanser and the Micellar Water seems to do wonders for my skin. I haven't been using it for a very long time, but I already adore it. Other good Micellar cleansers seem to be, of course, the Bioderma one and the La Roche-Posay one. Don't we all just love a little bit of French skincare? ;)

Have you already tried this cleanser or any other Micellar cleanser? Do you like it?

xoxo, Charlotte

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