maandag 14 mei 2012

Essie mint candy apple

I've always wanted a huuuuge Essie collection. Until a few weeks ago, I couldn't find their nail polishes ANYWHERE (boo living in such a small country), so you can already imagine what my reaction was when I spotted the Essie diffusion line in my local drugstore! I literally jumped and squealed 'Omg Essie!' (my mom was soooo embarassed, haha) and ran towards the counter. There were so many colours to choose from, so eventually, I chose 'Mint Candy Apple'. I already heard sooo much of that shade and it just seemed to be everyone's favourite, so I took it up and payed and then it was mine. Mine! I finally have an Essie nail polish! (I seem to make such a big deal out of it and 'normal' people always look at me like; what are you so happy about? It's just a nail polis/lipstick/*insertbeautyproducthere*) I took my other nail polish off and applied it, and it applied like an absolute dream! I don't know about the original brushes but they seemed to be a lot thinner than the diffusion line ones. People who already have some shades from the original line bought the same shads but from the diffusion line, just because it applies so well!
The colour is just lovely. It turned opaque after one coat already, but I applied another one because I always do that haha. I then applied a transparant top coat and the nails are still going strong! They haven't chipped since Wednesday, which I'm very happy about. I really want some other shades! I'm wearing Lapiz of Luxury right now, which is also gaaaawgeous :)

What are your favourite Essie shades? And do you prefer OPI or Essie?


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