vrijdag 4 mei 2012

MAC cremesheen lipstick in speed dial

I'm a sucker for lipsticks. They brighten your face up, they can transform you from looking tired and grumpy into a glamourous lady, and they just form a nice addition to your make up. Lipstick is the only thing that I use on a rotation- I mostly just use the same make up items nowadays. Even if it's just a neutral colour, it seems to do so much more for my façade and I just love putting it on, it always makes me remember of being little and watching my mom put on her own lipstick.

Well, I love MAC lipsticks. They have great selection of colours and formulas to apply for every person's personal taste. There's also something about the way they smell- I know, I'm weird, right? They remember me of biscuits or something, which is probably just me being very weird but whatever haha. They also last for a really long time! I applied mine at 7 o'clock this morning and it lasted on me until Lunchtime, without having to do any touch-up! Bear in mind that I had already eaten an apple and drank a lot of water, haha ;) Even when I finished my lunch, there was still a little hint of colour noticeable on my lips.

The colour is just absolutely gorgeous. It has got a lot of glitter in it, but I don't think that's very noticeable on the lips. It goes on very smoothly and stays on for a good few hours. Unfortunately, it's a very bright lipstick. My friend pointed this out for me once and I have to say that she's right; it may not be for you if you prefer nude lipsticks, but I sure do love it!

Have you already tried this lipstick? What are your favourite lipsticks by MAC?

xoxo, Charlotte

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