zaterdag 20 juli 2013

A Little Skincare Haul

I'm sorry for the bad lighting!

Well, little… It might not look like so much stuff but my bankbalance isn’t really happy with me. I was in need of some new skincare since I’m running out of my usual moisturizer and as I’m leaving on holiday in a few weeks time, I thought I’d pick up some other bits. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I get really paranoid about running out of stuff whilst on holiday! I absolutely love buying skincare and I think it’s fair to say that I love skincare more than makeup. I think this is just because I’ve had bad skin for such a long time, and now my skin is finally clear I can start using products that would have broken me out otherwise! My skin is oily but can be combination since I do get some dry patches around my nose and on my chin sometimes. I do get some blemishes, but it’s not as bad as it used to be. I suffered from acne and still have some scarring left, so I do tend to look for brightening skincare products that will slowly make those little scars disappear. I also tend to go for brightening products that encourage cell-renewal and inject a serious dose of nourishment. Even when I do have a couple of blemishes, I like to keep them hydrated and try not to pick at them as I find they disappear so much quicker and don’t leave a scar when I do that.

I first went to the Clarins counter and picked up two things I have wanted to try for the absolute longest time: the Exfoliating Toner and the Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream. I’ve heard so many great things about the Exfoliating Toner and have never actually tried a real chemical exfoliant, so I’m really curious about this product. I needed a new cleanser for when I go on holiday and had been eyeing up this cleanser for a while now, so I naturally had to get it! Not the most practical packaging for travelling, but oh well. Even though my skin is quite oily, I hate cleanser that leave my skin feeling too clean and stripped. I do have quite sensitive skin, so I think this will be perfect for me. I’ve only used it once so far so I can’t really say anything about it, but it feels really good on my skin and is great for facial massage, which I like to treat myself to every evening.

Next, I went to the Origins counter. I originally only wanted to pick up the two moisturisers, but I caved and also bought a toner and the cleansing oil. What can I say.
The Clean Energy cleansing oil is quite a new Origins product. I saw it in store a few months ago and immediately knew I had to have it. I’ve actually never tried a real cleansing oil- I’ve tried gel cleansers that turn into an oil as soon as you massage them in- and because Origins is one of my favourite brands ever, I really wanted to try this. By the way, the pump is sold separately- naughty Origins! I would really recommend it though, as it might get a little bit messy and to avoid spilling product everywhere. The United State toner is something I hadn’t ever heard of before. It’s a toner for combination skin, which aims to balance out the oily and dry parts on your face, which sounded perfect for me. I’m also saving this for when I go on holiday because I’m using my Kiehl’s toner up, which I also really like. 
Then on to the best part: the moisturizers. I got a sample of the Ginzing moisturizer a few months ago and I really loved it. It smells really good (like all Origins products, actually) and sinks beautifully into the skin leaving it fresh and moisturized. Perfect for summer, really. The consistency and product itself reminds me a little bit of the Clarins Daily-Energizer Cream-Gel! I also got the High Potency Night-a-Mins, which is a nighttime moisturizer I’ve been wanting  for about a year now but just never bought. Now I have it I couldn’t be happier! I got the oil-free version of it because as I said, my skin can get quite oily and even though I do like (and need!) a lot of hydration, I don’t like it when my moisturizer leaves me with a sticky, greasy face! The scent of these moisturizers is almost the same, although I do find the Ginzing one smells a little bit fresher which is perfect for the morning time.

So I might have spent a little bit too much money on these, but I believe that you have to invest in your face. You only have one, so why not take care of it? I think that if you put a lot of effort and work in something, you get something good in return. And I’d rather pay a little bit more for skincare than waste my money on going out and getting drunk a few times a week.
I really hope I will love these products but I’m quite sure I will, as Clarins and Origins are two of my favourite brands ever for skincare. I really hope I’ve finally discovered my perfect skincare routine, so I’ll keep you updated on that. I’m planning on doing more skincare-related posts, so please let me know if you’re into that! Maybe a post on facial massage or just a post showing you my current skincare routine, or telling you how I’ve cleared my acne? Please let me know! I’m planning on trying some of the Dr. Weil for Origins brightening products next, and I’m also looking more into REN skincare, the masks especially. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

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  1. Sadly, no Origins product has worked for me. =/
    They all have too many fragrant ingredients that broke me out.
    Velia | Cocoamourr

  2. Great haul. I really like the Clarins Toner. I want to try all the other bits too. x