maandag 15 juli 2013

The Everyday Summer Makeup

First off: chronic bitchface alert, sorry. Second: ‘everyday summer’ as in ‘what I wear on my face when it’s super hot outside’, not ‘it’s summer every day wooohooo!’, even though I wish the latter was true. Seeing as the weather has been absolutely amazing the past couple of weeks, I had to change up my make up routine a little bit. Not I’m really extravagant in my daily make up choices, but hey, even changing up my everyday lipsticks is a big deal for me. I’ve even been experimenting with blue and purple eyeliner, but I’m saving that for another blog post. I feel like these posts are becoming a little bit boring seeing as most of the products featured here I’ve already talked about numerous times before, but I’m not really one for buying makeup (I’m more a skincare kind of girl, even though I don’t really talk about skincare much on the blog) and therefore most of my makeup fits into one box. But for those of you who are interested on what I wear on those hot and steamy summer days, keep reading.

For my base, I’ve been cracking out the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation. I wasn’t really loving it when I first got it because it’s a lot different than the foundations I usually try, but a couple of days ago I thought I’d give it another go and I have been wearing it every day since. The finish is just so beautiful and glowy, and it makes me look more awake in seconds. I haven’t really been sleeping that well the past couple of days duet o the heat, but this foundation seems to cover that really well, which is why I’ve been loving it so much, I think. It lasts all day on my oily-combination skin, but I do need to use a powder when I use this, which is my trusty Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre. A light dusting of powder is definitely a must for me in this weather, as my T-zone can get quite oily during the day which means my makeup can slide off my face. I do like a dewy finish, but I don’t like looking too oily either and I find it quite hard to find that balance.
For concealer, another usual suspect; my Estée Lauder Double Wear concealer. My favourite concealer ever, and I’m not planning on purchasing another concealer anytime soon.
I’ve been dusting quite a lot of the Chanel Les Beiges powder in B40 on my cheeks as a bronzer. I find that this is the perfect shade to warm up my face and it looks super natural. I love these kind of sheer, natural-looking powders and even though I’m more of a blusher girl, this has swayed me over to the dark side.
For brows, my Catrice eyebrow pencil is my best friend. It’s the perfect match for me and I love that it has a little brush on the end.
I recently repurchased the l’Oréal Telescopic mascara and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with it- again. I bought it around this time last year and I absolutely love dit, but because I’m such a beauty addict I always want to try something new when I run out of a beauty product, so I didn’t repurchase it. I missed it, however, and because my Clinique mascara is slowly drying up I thought I would give this another go. It’s love. Perfect length, definition and separation; this is hands down the best mascara I have ever tried. I love the thin brush, which makes it so easy to apply and separate the lashes and it has made my lashes appear longer than any other mascara I’ve ever tried. I just love it. I think it’s getting discontinued though, since it was the only one left when I went to pick it up and I’ve never seen it in any other stores, which makes me a very sad girl.
On the lips, MAC’s Lovelorn is the perfect sheer blue-toned pinky lipstick. It’s moisturising and the colour is really buildable, which means I’ve been reaching for this most days.

So this is my fuss-free long-lasting summer makeup routine. I love every single one of these products, and they’re almost all holy grail products to me. Have you tried any of these before? What are your favourite summer makeup items?

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