zondag 19 februari 2012

la roche-posay effaclar k

Excuse the bad quality of this picture, but I was in a hurry :)

I've always been on the hunt for that one skincare product that's just perfect for me. A product which I can use daily, without making my skin look too oily or too dry, and I think that I've finally found it.
When I went to the pharmacy when I was ill, la Roche-Posay immediately caught my eye. I've heard about the brand a few times but never really got round trying it. So, with my acne being quite bad at the time, I caved in and bought this gem.
On the cover it says that it's a 'renovative solution for people with oily skin', so you can imagine how eager I was for trying it out, since my skin can get quite oily at times.
I only have one conclusion: it's perfect. It moisturises my skin and makes a great base for my make up, it refines my pores and makes my skin feel so soft without making it too dry. It's hard to find a product which combines all of these 'essentials', if I can say so myself! My acne significantly reduced until the point I only got a few tiny spots left, so I can honestly say that I love this product.

Have you tried anything of la Roche-Posay yet? Is there any other skin care item you swear by?

xoxo, Charlotte

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Sounds perfect :) I've been breaking out a lot recently and i think it's about time i try some of the la Roche-Posay products :)


  2. This sounds bloody amazing. May have to give this a go x

  3. i have tried the effaclar m to control my sebo (as it says on the packaging :P) but this one sounds great will have to give it a try next =) xx