dinsdag 21 februari 2012

OPI do you lilac it?

I am currently obsessed with pastel colours. I think they are lovely for spring, so I think it's needless to say that I can't wait for spring to come! I want the sun to shine so that everyone gets happier again, I want to leave the house without having to wear a huge fluffy coat and having to hide my face in my scarf, I want to hear the sound of birds when I wake up, I want to have a nice and cute little picnick with my boyfriend. So when I saw this nailpolish, it immediately reminded me of spring and lovely lavender fields in France!
Okay, so I have to admit that this is only my second nailpolish by OPI. I bought my first one, Last friday night by the Katy Perry collection, back in the Christmas break with money I got for Christmas. I really liked the quality of it back then, but I really couldn't justify spending €14 on just a nailpolish.
Being a shopaholic like I am, you can imagina that I really couldn't resist getting this one when I saw it in the shop. I took it and immediately rushed to the till, feeling a little bit guilty as I took the money out of my wallet and gave it to the lady, but the guiltiness disappeared as soon as I applied it on my nails.
It's such a lovely lavender-ish colour, perfect for spring! It's also really long-lasting. I usually find that most of my (cheap ass) nailpolishes wear of rather quickly because I'm not very carefull with things, but this one lasts me for ages! I think it's really worth the price, OPI nailpolishes are amazing and have a great quality.
I normally always apply two coats of nailpolish and then use a topcoat, but being lazy as I am I just couldn't be annoyed to search for my topcoat, so I just applied two layers and it's fantastic! One layer could have been enough because it really doesn't have a transparent finish, but I just applied two coats to be sure it would look beautiful. It gets opaque after one layer though.

Do you own any OPI nail polishes? What's your favourite colour?

xoxo, Charlotte

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  1. I've only recently brought opi nail varnishes! I love come to poppy and italian love affair!

  2. Love this colour!! very SS12!! Great blog, we're now following :)


  3. beautiful colour! your blog is lovely x


  4. This is such a lovely colour. I've only just found your blog and am now a follower. :-) xx