woensdag 8 februari 2012

new haircut!

I'm sorry for the awful iPhone picture, but I got my hair cut today! I haven't had it cut properly in ages, and I really thought it was time for a little change. I got it cut to just-above-my-shoulder length, and I absolutely adore it! It also looks so much healthier again! I'm planning on keeping it this way and am not gonna let it get touched with any heat- except for my blowdryer, haha. Can't live without it, my hair seems to get greasy so much quicker when I let it dry by air!
I have a lot of homework to do for school and I also need to work on my thesis, blegh. School is keeping me from blogging properly! I also want to give my blog a total makeover, since I really dislike the layout of it, but I'm a complete dumbass when it comes to HTML, so I guess this will have to do for now.
I'm currently really into Fleet Foxes and Charlene Soraia! Such beautiful music.
Hope you're all having a fabulous Wednesday!

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