zaterdag 11 februari 2012

weekly wishlist #2

Bourjois Blush Pot in nr. 74 Rose Ambré, Michael Kors Cat Eye sunglasses, Miu Miu pink purse/wallet, H&M bag, YSL lipstick, L'Oréal Mythic Oil, The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter, Dorothy Perkins burgundy dress, River Island mix feather and chain earrings

Nothing special this week really, there aren't many clothes in the racks that I like, which is very rare for me! This week I've been really lusting over some beauty and make up products. However, since my lack of money/ a decent job I can't really afford them, but a girl can dream right ;)

001. I've wanted to try the little Bourjois blush pots for such a long time now, they are just too cute and the colours are also lovely! I also think that this colour will complement my skintone, so that's a plus. I've also heard that they are really long lasting, which I love since most of my blushers have a really weak lasting power!

002. I saw these Michael Kors sunglasses in Gemma's 'What's in my bag/purse' video (link!) and I immediately fell in love when I saw them! They are so lovely and I've been wanting some cat eye sunglasses for ages, and these seem like they have a really nice quality too. They are also not that expensive for a designer product, I just hope I can find a pair of them!

003. This Miu Miu purse is just so lovely and I really like the colour. It's a soft pink. I don't have much pink stuff, so this would be a nice addition to my wallet/purses collection! (not that I have that many, but okay haha). I also really like the bow detail.

004. I saw this bag in H&M when I was there last Saturday and I immediately wanted it! Sadly, I did not buy it (to to my for said lack of money), but the next time I'll go there I will definitaly buy it! At €20, it also isn't that expensive.

005. Okay, I'll admit that I only want this lipstick for it's pretty packaging! I've already bought another YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in the sales, where it was €15 instead of €30! Bargain. I really have a soft spot for gold/everything with beautiful packaging.

006. Do I need to say more? This one is, along with Moroccanoil, one of the most popular hair oils these days and I saw them all around the blogosphere, so this girl really wants to try it! It's a little bit expensive, but I heard it is so worth the price. My hair isn't really dead since I got it cut really short this week, but I would use this to keep it that way and make it all shiny and stuff.

007. This smells amazing! It's a little bit expensive for what it is though. I really think that The Body Shop has gone a little bit crazy with its prices!

008. Burgundy is such a nice colour, and I think this dress is perfect for my figure. I sadly don't have a Dorothy Perkins near me since I live in Belgium, so I need to look for another alternative. Any suggestions?

009. Last but not least, these earrings are just perfect for me! I've already said that I have a soft spot for gold, and combined with feathers these earrings will be a perfect addition to my jewellry collection. Definately gonna buy these when I'm in River Island!

In other news, I have ordered me some Liz Earle skin care products! Of course, the Hot Cloth cleanser, the toner and the moisturiser for normal/oily skin, since my skin can get very oily at times. I really can't contain my excitement, I'm so eager to find out what they will do to my skin since I've heard so many good things about Liz Earle! Have you tried any of their products yet? Hope you're all having a nice weekend! I'm gonna doe some of my coursework, and then I'm off to my boyfriend!

xoxo, Charlotte

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