maandag 30 juli 2012

august's cravings

I know, I know- it's not even August yet and I'm posting this, and this is my second post today. Buuuut I am really in the mood to blog today, so who's stopping me? I've been wanting quite a lot this month- as usual- but   when it came to making this 'wishlist', nothing popped to my mind. I've been really getting into clothes and jewellry the past few days, hence there are as little as beauty products!

001. This Dollybowbow Freya ring in pink is just so lovely. I've been wanting a YSL-style ring for absulote ages, and now I've finally found an affordable and very pretty alternative I'll most definitely be purchasing this!

002. I'm thinking about asking this Mulberry Cookie Bayswater purse for my birthday (I typed burthday, unfocused much?!) but I want it in the brownish colour, or the black, I can't really decide. Since it's so expensive I was thinking black, since that never goes out of style, but the brown one looks more like a genuine 'cookie' and I don't know, it's just soooo pretty! What do you think!

003 + 004: I've been quite obsessed with Origins this month. I do still need a good moisturiser and night cream, so after seeing a review about the Make a Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment on Lily's blog and seeing Kate mention the High-Potency Night-A-Mins I really want these two! I love Origins, I lvoe the fact that they're all natural.

005: I tried on this Zara dress but they didn't had my size, so I picked a size smaller than my usual size and it looked awful, haha. I love this print! I've bought a blous with a similar kind of print, see my post here.

006: When I first saw this necklace on Lily in her July's favourites video I immediately knew that I wanted it. I've always been more attracted to the pastel side, but this Zara neon necklace just looks too damn pretty!

What are you craving this month? Any things you really want?


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  1. great post! i wish i wasn't allergic to those origins products as they were so lovely for a few days!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    1. nice blog :-)
      I like this photo ! <3

      kisses from Poland ! ;-*
      If U want follow me and write comment.

  2. Really wanting that Origins skin treatment as well! Think my skin could do with the boost!