dinsdag 10 juli 2012

l'oréal rouge caresse lipsticks

I went out shopping today and bought some amaaaaaazing bits and bobs, including these two L'Oréal Rouge Caresse lipsticks. I had been on the hunt for one for soooo long and when I saw them on offer in my local drugstore (two for €16 instead of almost €30!) I couldn't resist. I do already have the colour Dating Coral (which I did also buy on an offer, for almost half the price!) but I somehow seem to have lost it already, boo! It's such a shame since it was such a nice colour.

This time, I decided for the colours 'Aphrodite Scarlet' and 'Tempting Lilac'; one bright shade and one more neutral shade. L'Oréal describes it as a lightweight flush of colour with a delicate, moisturising structure and that is exactly what these lipsticks feel like. They may seem bright at first- especially Aphrodite Scarlet-, but they go on the lips very, very softly and apply like a dream. You don't even need to look into the mirror when you apply the lipsticks, and since every woman needs a lipstick which you can apply anywhere and at any time of the day, these ones are perfect. Lots of people compare them to the Revlon lipbutters, which I would love to try but unfortunately, there is no Revlon counter near where I live, so these need to suffice for me, haha.

I made some very, very cheeky purchases today which I'm very happy about, including the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (which I'm absolutely loooooving so far!), some Yves Saint Laurent bits (I like to say their full name, haha) and some more beautiful and very good stuff. I do love a good make up shopping trip! I can't wait to try the stuff I've bought more thoroughly (do you even say that?!) and show them to you, but for now, you have to wait for a little bit longer :)


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