dinsdag 3 juli 2012

la roche-posay effaclar M

When I posted about the Effaclar K which I absolutely loved, someone commented that they’ve been using the Effclar M and that they love it! So, being the curious little girl I had, I, of course, had to investigate for a bit. I have quite oily skin which is mildly prone to acne and a little bit sensitive, so I figured this might help me a bit. I did some research beforehand (which I always do- I like to know a little bit more about all of the good/bad sides of the product I’m going to invest my pennies in!) and then finally decided to buy it.

It says on the packaging that it’s for oily skin which can get shiny at some times. This product also claims to slow the sebum production of the skin, which basically means that it will balance the natural oils our skin produces. It’ll make the skin more even, matte, but it will also hydrate the skin intensely. Pores will get smaller and acne will disappear, but the most important thing it claims to do is balancing out the skin without drying it out.

I apply this two times a day, before I go to sleep and in the morning after I cleansed my skin. I find that it does prevent my skin from getting shiny and oily throughout the day and it does minimize my pores, making it a great make up base (which it also claims it does), but I do find that in the evening, my skin can feel a little bit dehydrated. My skin used to get very oily but since I’m getting a little bit older (I’m getting 18 in October so I guess my puberty is kinda over ;) ) I also find that it does need a little bit more moisturizing.

Overall, this is a very good moisturizer. I kinda like the smell of it, even though it does remind me of how hospitals smell, haha, but it smells like a product that does the job (that doesn’t even make any sense, I know…). I feel like my acne is getting better because of it and I will continue buying it, but eventually I will use a little bit of my Clinique moisturizer on top of this before I go to sleep.

Have you tried this? Do you like La Roche-Posay products?

xoxo, Charlotte

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