woensdag 16 januari 2013

Blue Jeans

Excuse my gremlin-like hands and the fact that my nails are still looking a little bit messy! I was a little bit in a rush whilst applying :)

When I was rummaging through my ever expanding nail polish stash, I found a nailpolish I bought last year; OPI's 'Last Friday Night'. Being part of their collaboration with Katy Perry, 'Last Friday Night' is a really gorgeous, blue glitter topcoat. Since I bought it on a whim (it was my first ever OPI nail polish and I didn't really realize it was a topcoat), I didn't have another nail varnish to pair it with. I went looking for the perfect, bright blue polish, and picked up this little Rimmel gem. It's called 'My Denim' and is the perfect blue. I actually only wore it once, because this is not a colour I would normally go for, but yesterday I decided to step a little it out of my comfort zone. I'm going to try to welcome some brighter nail colours in my life, in an attempt to cheer myself up!
The lasting power of the Rimmel nail polish isn't that great; I only applied it yesterday and it has already chipped a little bit (that is with a base- and topcoat!), but the colour is amazing and the brush makes application easy-peasy. 

Have you tried Rimmel nailpolishes? What is your favorite?

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