maandag 14 januari 2013

The New Things

I'll be the first one to admit that whenever there's a new hype surrounding a product, I cave. I just can't seem to help it- it's like when my brain is set on something that seems to work for other people, I just can't stop thinking of that particular product. So here are the latest additions to my ever expanding stash- most of these I've been trying for a few weeks now, so I think I've got quite a good view on how they seem to work on me by now.

The first product is the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. I've always wanted to try a tinted moisturiser, and I've read lots of rave reviews about this. Being quite a pricey product, it contains 50ml, which is more than your average foundation, and you only need a tiny little dot of this. I apply this using the ever-so-popular Real Techniques buffing brush, which gives me the coverage I need. I do use a powder however, because even though it's oil-free, I do find that it does make me shiny.
The next product is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. I've been quite the acne-sufferer, and since using this product I find my acne has calmed down a lot. I did, however, have quite high expectations about this product which it didn't really live up to- but I've only been using it for a week or so, so I'll see how it goes.
I've also been trying the Origins Out of Trouble mask, which is supposed to help with break outs. I really like the smell of this and when I apply it I really feel like it's working, and when I wake up the next day, my skin always looks a lot clearer, brighter, less congested and feels less oily. This is probably one of my favourite face masks, along with the Origins Clear Improvement mask (review here!) which I've sadly enough almost ran out of. This will most definitely be a repurchase!
The last product is Essie's Watermelon, a really nice berry shade. I really like Essie nailpolishes; the new brushes make the application so super easy, they don't really chip that easily on my nails (although I find some other brands of nailpolish last a lot better- OPI, I'm looking at you!) and their colour ranges are just amazing. Just a foolproof shade that makes your nails stand out without being too much.

I really love all of these products, and although they are a little bit on the more pricier side, they're all four really good quality products and are definitely worth the money! What products have you been investing in? Do you think they were worth your money?

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