maandag 11 maart 2013

An Ode To Marc Jacobs... and Daisy Sunshine Review

My love for Marc Jacobs perfumes started two years ago. I went shopping with my mom, and saw the bottle of Daisy Eau So Fresh. I liked the scent of it, but at the moment it wasn’t enough to convince me to buy it, so we walked away. A few minutes later however, the scent really started to grow on me, and I couldn’t stop sniffing my wrists because it smelt so good, so we went back and bought it and I never looked back ever since.

Since that day two years ago, I know own four Marc Jacobs perfume. Daisy, Daisy Eau So Fresh, Daisy Sunshine and Lola, and I love them all just as much. I think they are really feminine scents, and are really suited for younger girls since they’re all really playful and light. The bottles are also just gorgeous and they really suit all of the scents since they’re equally playful and colourful.
I recently bought Daisy Sunshine, which is a limited edition that has just come out for this spring. There’s also a Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine, but I gave that a miss since it smells exactly the same like the normal Eau So Fresh (in my opinion!).The staying power of Sunshine isn’t that great, since it’s an eau de toilette which contains less alcohol than normal perfumes. Sunshine smells a lot more fruity than the original Daisy, which makes it more summery. It also really reminds me of one of the perfumes I had as a little kid- which I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but I really like the scent so to me, it’s fine!
The topnotes of this perfume are mandarin, guava and red current; the heart is composed out of lily, lychee and violet; and the basenotes consist out of blonde woods and musk. A lot of fruity scents, which makes this the perfect summer perfume and literally ‘sunshine out of a bottle’.
When I first sprayed this on, I didn’t really think it resembled the original Daisy or the Eau So Fresh one, but as the scent evolves on your skin over time, you can really smell that it was based on the original Daisy.
The packaging is absolutely lovely; the perfume itself is orange, and the flowers are orange, green and pink. The perfume only comes in a 50 ml bottle, so I’m trying to save it for when summer has well and truly kicked in.

So this is the story about me and my favourite perfume. Favourite perfume ever? Well, I’m not quite sure yet. I might have found another perfume that I really, really like… What’s your favourite perfume? Do you have a ‘signature scent’?

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  1. Lovely collection, I've been meaning to try the Daisy collection ♥

  2. Great collection hun! I am in-love with the Daisy Eau So Fresh! It's my go-to spring perfume! :))


  3. I absolutely adore marc jacobs perfumes, oh lola and dot are my favourites, but these sound great, I need them in my life!

    A little bit Unique


    1. Never tried oh lola, but I think Dot will be my next purchase! And yes, you do need them ;) xx

  4. great post - i love daisy, but the new miss dior is tempting, too..xx

    1. Never tried the new miss dior- need to give it a go! xx