vrijdag 22 maart 2013

Essie 'Lilacism'

Sausage fingers galore!

When it comes to nailpolishes, I always tend to opt for more pastel and neutral shades. I just believe that they look better on my (really pale) skin tone, and those are just the colours I prefer wearing, combined with a really nice and neutral outfit. I really want to bring more colour in my wardrobe as well as my nail polish collection, but for now I think I’ll stick with the pastels and soft, more feminine shades.

Essie ‘Lilacism’ is a shade I’ve been eyeing up for a good while. I was put off of buying it at first because I do already own OPI’s ‘Do You Lilac It’, which is also a nice pastel lilac colour. I thought the two were very similar and didn’t think about buying Lilacism until now, almost a year later. I saw someone on Instagram wearing it, and I immediately fell in love; it didn’t look that similar to my OPI nail varnish, so I decided I needed Lilacism in my ever-expanding make up collection.
Lilacism is a lot lighter than Do You Lilac It, but they do resemble each other quite a lot. It comes across as a really soft pastel colour, whereas the OPI counterpart can look quite harsh. I think I prefer Lilacism; I believe the colour looks better on me. The finishes of both nail polishes are quite similar, as well as the lasting power. They both last quite a few days (if I do use a basecoat and topcoat, that is), so it’s really just a matter of colour taste and maybe your skintone.

Overall, I’m really happy I picked up Lilacism and I still think there are a few other pastel colours I need in my collection. I do really regret not picking up Absolutely Shore and Bikini So Teeny from Essie’s Spring/Summer collection last year, so I do hope they will release them again sometime soon (I am aware that that is most unlikely, but a girl can dream, right?!). Essie have also released a new shade called ‘Go Ginza’, which is part of their Spring 2013 collection and looks a lot like Lilacism, but still a little bit different. Essie polishes are my all time favourite. What are your favourite nail polish brands? Any pastel shade recommendations?

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  1. the color is very nice *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3keep in touch!


  2. This colour is beautiful!

  3. What a lovely colour! I love lilacs - especially for spring.

    Claire xxx

  4. I just picked up an Essie polish today and it looks like I'll be picking up another as this is a lovely colour!

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  5. Gorgeous colour!

    New follower!


  6. this is one of my favourite essie shades :) such a pretty colour

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  7. Gosh, what a lovely shade of lilac! Need to go get myself a bottle! I am glad I found your blog and am your newest follower with GFC! I'd love if you'd check out : the daily savant : and follow along if you like. I have a giveaway on now, as well!

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