zaterdag 9 maart 2013

The Cleansing Heroes

Cleansing is my favourite part of the day. I’m convinced that a good cleanse is the most essential part of your skincare routine, whether morning or evening. It just feels so refreshing and is essential if you want clear, bright looking skin. Going to sleep with your make up on is one of the worst things you can do and which you’re definitely going to get judged for in the beauty world. In my teens, I’ve been to bed with make up on so many times, and I always felt gross in the morning. Plus, I definitely got spots! Therefore, evening cleansing is absolutely essential. You don’t really have to cleanse in the morning, but you do have to in the evening, even if you’re not wearing make up during the day! So I’ll stop being a preaching mama and actually continue with what this post is all about; my favourite cleansing products at the moment.

I’ve been a fan of double cleansing for over a year now. Before that, I always used to use a milky cleanser on a cotton pad just to remove my make up. Being the fervent blog reader that I am, I got convinced that a double cleanse is better for your skin; a first cleanse to remove your make up, and a second, more thorough cleanse to really clean out those pores (I know- gross!) and get rid of absolutely everything. I’ve been using micellar waters for the first cleanse, then a gel, oil-based or milk cleanser for the second.
I’ve tried a lot of micellar waters in the past. Bioderma, Avène, Nuxe; I’ve tried them all. I’m currently using the Roc Extra Comfort Cleansing Water. This is a really good micellar water; I find that it removes all of my make up, especially my eye make up. It smells absolutely gorgeous and is suited for the most sensitive skin.
The Nuxe Gentle Pureness Cleansing milk is my go-to ‘thorough’ cleanser of choice. I’m on my second bottle of this already- yes, it’s that good. It’s a really simple cleansing milk, also suited for even the most sensitive skin. Containing three different roses, hazelnut oil and orange blossom, it smells absolutely divine and feels really soft on the skin. It doesn’t dry my skin out at all, is really gentle but at the same time really thorough, which is what I always look for in a cleanser.

So these are my two secrets to perfectly cleansed skin. I might take it a step further and try a cleansing balm. I like my skincare to be quite simple and only use the bare essentials, since I suffered from acne in the past due to overusing some products and switching up my skincare routine a little bit too often. What are your cleansing heroes?

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  1. I love cleansing I use the yves rocher gel cleanser love it! Great blog! x

  2. hay, new follower this post is great and follow back, if you like. andy

  3. Thanks for a review of nuxe, I'm going to try their products and I need a cleanser too, x