donderdag 14 maart 2013

Erborian BB Cream

So I’ve talked a little bit about this BB cream in this post, but since I’ve been wearing it every single day since I got it, I thought I should write an in-depth review on it. I’ve never read anything about this BB cream before I purchased it; I just saw it in store, tried it on my hand and absolutely adored the finish it left. It’s very unlike me to buy something before researching into it; I like to know that what I’m about to buy is really worth every single penny, and since I’m more prone to buying high-end make up and skincare, that is something really important to do.

Now, onto the actual product. The Erborian BB cream claims to be a 5-in-1 “Total Sheer” Make Up Care Cream “Baby Skin” Effect with SPF 25 PA++ (note: PA means protection strength, and “+” means two times, so PA ++ means the product has got 4 times stronger protection power. Pretty darn good, right?). On a shorter note; it claims a lot, like most other BB creams. On the back of the tube it says: “This break-through formula unifies your skin tone to conceal all imperfections, moisturizes and nourishes and gives your skin a “baby softness” and velvety texture. (Use: apply in thin layer after or without your daily moisturizer. Excellent make-up base.”
So let’s take a closer look. The first thing that stands out when you put a little bit of the product on your hand, is that it looks a little bit grey. This had got me worried when I first tried the product on, but after blending it in really thoroughly using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, the colour blended into my skin like an absolute dream. This BB cream only comes in two shades, light and doré, so that’s something to take into consideration. I use the colour light, and it’s perfect for my alabaster skin.
What’s the finish of it, do you say? Let me first of all start with telling you that the product itself feels like a really thick cream. Blended into the skin using a buffing brush (or any other brush with dense bristles) it really does conceal all imperfections and leaves an almost flawless finish. I would say that the coverage tends to lead more to that of a foundation, but it does feel really moisturising and leaves a really radiant glow. The finish isn’t really that dewy, but comes really close. It does make your skin look rather glowing, the ‘lit-from-within’ kinda glowy. Even my mom commented on how nice my face looks!

So the verdict? This is one of the first products ever that actually lives up to what it claims. This BB cream actually is what I expect a BB cream to be; good coverage, but also moisturizing and just really good for the skin. The SPF is also a big plus. I haven’t really tried using it under my foundation yet, since I find that this gives me enough coverage. Erborian is a French-Korean skincare brand, so this really is a BB cream in its purest form. Have you ever tried something from Erborian? What’s your favourite BB cream?

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