woensdag 13 maart 2013

The New Jewellery

As I said in this post, I’m a big lover of simple jewellery pieces. Pieces that stand out, but not take over the entire outfit. Pieces that are simple to wear and simple to style. My taste, however, used to be completely different.

When I was about 14-16, I used to not leave the house without some bracelets on, a few rings on my hand and a big statement necklace round my neck. I used to be one of those people that went really overboard with absolutely everything, and I just had this overwhelming urge to be ‘different’, like we all had at that age. This was the time when I was slowly but surely leaving my emo-self behind and said goodbye to the red and black dice bracelets, the skull rings and belts and the brass knuckle necklaces (we’ve all been there). Instead, I started to wear big, colourful pieces; rainbow bracelets, long necklaces with smileys on etcetera. Slowly but surely, I then evolved to one of those people who wear rings as big as their heads; I remember wearing an H&M ring with a butterfly on it which spread its wings over three of my fingers TOGETHER with another huge ring with a super big purple rhinestone on it. I also wore hundreds (slight exaggeration here) of different bracelets together, and necklaces with animals on them.  I remember a baby pink bracelets with feathers in it that I used to wear all the time.
Fast forward a couple of months to my ‘girly’ period, where I used to wear delicate necklaces with pearls and birdcages, lovely little golden rings and delicate gold bracelets. Gold has always been my favourite jewellery colour.
This was all until I became 16. From my 16th until now, I couldn’t be annoyed with wearing jewellery. I was just too lazy and didn’t wore anything. When I graduated, my mom got a Michael Kors watch (yep- a rose gold one, just like everyone else’s) which has been gracing my left wrist ever since. I only recently got back into wearing a few jewellery pieces; on Christmas, I wore a big statement collar necklace from Zara on a plain, black outfit; and recently, I ordered these lovely Asos pieces.
I absolutely adore the Torque necklace; it goes with practically everything and really fits my style. These three band rings are something I’ve also wanted for such a long time, and I really enjoy wearing them- they’re so simple, yet look really sophisticated and can be worn all together or just on their own. I believe that jewellery can make you feel so sophisticated and elegant!

So that’s my little jewellery rant over with. Did you have any ‘jewellery’ phases? What are your current favourite pieces of jewellery? 

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